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  • SQL Server supports 999 Non-Clustered per table, and each Non-Clustered can have up to 1023 columns.
  • Database snapshots cannot be created if the role state is RESOLVING.
  • However, database tables are not enough for getting the data efficiently in case of a huge amount of data.
  • A DBA is expected to stay abreast of emerging technologies and new design approaches.
  • Click on the following link to read more ontemporary tables in SQL.

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Interview questions for Junior Database Administrators (DBA)

You must also prepare the below how to become a sql server dba along with improving your technical skills if you are looking for a job change. Interviewers ask a lot of other non-technical questions to evaluate your qualities like I just mentioned above . Make sure to prepare their answers as well before going into the job market.


Each answer make you think and ponder about the reality of the IT world. Look at the simple question – ‘What is the toughest challenge you have faced at your present job and how did you handle it’? Open the replication node in your database and choose the option Local Publications. The wizard installs Master Data Services Configuration Manager, installs the files necessary to run the Master Data Services Web service, and registers assemblies.

What is the reporting services in SQL Server?

Magic Tables are tables automatically created tables in SQL Server used to internally store the inserted, updated values for DML operations such as . It may often happen that you would want to start an instance of SQL Server in the single-user mode. You could do this, either when you want to recover data from other database systems or may want to change server configurations. Local Temporary Tables Global Temporary Tables Local temporary tables are only visible to that session of SQL Server that has created it. Global temporary tables are visible to all SQL Server sessions.

Is SQL DBA job is stressful?

“A Database Administrator has a special responsibility for a component that is critical to the success or failure of a business: its DATA. This makes being a DBA very challenging and stressful given its many responsibilities.

Multiple columns can participate in the primary key column. Then the uniqueness is considered among all the participant columns by combining their values.

What are the Hotfixes and Patches in SQL Server?

Sometimes it is mistakenly referred as SQL, but both are different, as SQL is a language whereas SQL Server is a Microsoft product that supports SQL. «inserted» table stores the data of last inserted row or “insert operation”. «deleted» table stores the data of last deleted row or “delete operation”.

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