Addevice started the development process from the analysis of competitors. The system is a complex solution consisting of two mobile apps and a web admin panel. As mentioned, apps like Uber usually consist of different components, and one of them is an admin panel. That’s why you should create an app like Uber with an admin panel that will be a control center for admins to manage customers, drivers, orders, payments, reviews, etc.

Go with a single version or develop iOS and Android apps based on market study. The cost of developing Uber-like apps depends on the platform you choose to develop the application. If you want your application to be widely used, you can create the application in both – Android and IOS. If your budget is tight, you may create an MVP on either platform and later launch the app for another platform. The next step is to determine the features set for your app. This will be based on the research you have carried out and the business model you have created.

creating an app like uber

Uber introduced this feature not long ago and it could become an interesting USP within your first Uber-like app version. Quest Earnings – driver is able to earn more by completing the pre-defined number of trips. Driver Destinations – ability for a driver to select a ride with a preferred destination. Messaging – texting or calling to a passenger from the app.

Building an Uber-like application

Otherwise, there’s definitely going to be someone who’d like to rent a whole bus for a fraction of its cost. As you can see, many of the on-demand apps are doing quite ‘alright’. Motivated by their success, you might want to develop one of your own. Or, maybe you want to further expand your business and recognize a great potential in offering your own on-demand services.

  • Let’s discuss your project with our expert and let us know your project idea to turn it into amazing digital product.
  • The communication within apps like Uber goes all the way from the request being sent by the passenger, its acceptance by a driver, ride cancellation, etc.
  • This isn’t just time effective but also quite convenient for the user.
  • When a driver is available in your area, you’ll be able to see their name, photo, and rating.
  • There’s no dress code, and the company provides a hot bag for free.
  • It allows you to cancel a ride for free, but only 5 minutes after placing a request.
  • Booking HistoryBooking history is to allows users to save their trip history and add it to their profile.

This feature helps in dividing the number of ridesharing passengers. The cashless payment method and price are estimated before making the process smooth for both drivers and clients. Drivers have access to user trip details and built-in navigation, allowing them to provide a flawless pick-up and drop-off experience that builds client trust. At the end of each trip, passengers may assess their ride experience with you by offering star ratings and feedback.

Rocket Lawyer is one of the most well-known examples of a lawyer app. Through this app, users can consult lawyers for different purposes and consult different types of lawyers. In addition to this, this app also has services to create a variety of legal documents. Jokes apart, dog-walking apps have grown in popularity lately. A lot of people use these dog walking apps to book a spot for their dog.

Change Your Idea Into App or Website.

Uber came to the market with a very compelling proposition and a solution to a very inherent and prevailing need in the market – the convenience of travel. Uber caters to every customer segment with different cab models that vary in price and works with a surge pricing revenue model. With a solid offering, Uber has faced little hurdles in creating a loyal clientele. Working with an ownership model and expanding step-by-step have contributed to Uber’s success. Booking a ride on Uber looks like a convenient option, as one clicks and the ride is booked. In making an app like Uber, you have to be fully engineered in the processing of its design and architecture.

Currently, Uber operates in 84 countriesand over 800 cities, providing a 24-hour-per-day on-demand connection between riders and drivers through the Android and iOS app. Every hailing app is developed with the goal of generating a handful of ROI. You must make a decision about how to monetize your application and develop a thorough monetization plan.

After creating an MVP for your applications, you can add the needed features. Now that you have to build mobile app for both platforms and web-based admin panel for management and insight, the cost of development will be ultimately high. But to do so, you have to keep certain factors in mind—specifically the cost to develop an app like Uber. A taxi booking app development company can both purchase or create APIs from the ground up. As one might expect, apps like this explode to growth instantly since they make so many processes a lot easier. Moreover, you can hire a lawyer app development company to create an app like this for you.

How Does the Uber App Work?

The driver automatically determines the pickup location as the user’s current position. Please make sure to select just one operating system for your app’s first release. This little trick can shorten the application’s time to market and save you numerous engineering hours. Spending more time on your prototype will produce better outcomes and enable you to avoid spending thousands of dollars.

The first step in any app development process is to conduct extensive market research. This is especially important when developing an app like Uber, as you need to make sure that there is a demand for your product. You recruit your own team of developers, project managers, testers, designers, and form a development team. This approach has a lot of pros, but it’s time-consuming and costly. If a recruited developer doesn’t turn out to be a good one then you can’t swap them as easily as you could if you were working with a nearshore development company for example. Kicking-off the app development process with a number of background checks is a wise move.

creating an app like uber

This feature is mainly used to message the driver about any update in a ride. This feature is essential for any user to register themself on the app; methods are social media log in, email, number, etc. This will help to attract the user to register as well as drivers. If the driver creating an app like uber rejects, then the request is sent to another driver. Uber has captured a significant market share with its smooth app-user interaction, great marketing campaigns, and rare error reports. Before we start a discussion on the topic, I would like to highlight the scale of Uber.

UX/UI Design

The second part of the build focused on everything from Marketplace to web and mobile development, such as the technology used for phone interaction. The first part of building Uber’s platform focused on the lower half of its tech stack, which was the engine for Uber’s engineering operation. This solid foundation was primarily created using Python, Node.js, Go, and Java. These languages were used for key functionalities such as infrastructure and data storage, automation, and routing/mapping. This is one of the key technology which is used in the taxi booking app. The cost of starting an on-demand uber-clone app depends on various factors.

creating an app like uber

In the elderly, a small percentage of people prefer to travel in Uber. Other than that, Uber’s customer base lies around 16 to 35 years old. If you are willing to make an app like Uber, one of your primary aims could be to serve the elder citizens.

Starting your Uber for X business

Therefore, setting a waiting period is an excellent approach to discourage riders from arriving late. With this option, you may add an extra fee to your service for customers who don’t arrive to meet the drivers at the agreed-upon place by a certain time. Your service also has to have a landing page that serves as the sign-up page for potential customers and drivers. The following features, categorized into passenger-oriented, driver-oriented, and admin panel-oriented characteristics, are required for an Uber-like app.

Functions Of Uber App for Car Owner (Admin)

Food delivery app is one of the most famous on-demand solutions. Uber has its version of a food delivery app that is known as Uber-eats. Just like Uber, it is available in all the major cities across the world. Needless to say, there are a lot of companies offering food delivery app development services. After all, one cannot expect the rider to keep the app open all the time to see updates. This is the reason why you should include this feature in your taxi booking mobile application.

Driver Rating & Review – corresponds to the service evaluation (driver, vehicle, trip, etc.). Fare Calculator – the customer can check the price for a ride beforehand. This feature is a complex one to implement on the backend side of the system. Define the USP of your Uber-like app and exactly why it is necessary to build a service similar to Uber. Analyze the demographics and define your key target audience – based on their needs, create your Uber-like service.

How to Thoughtfully Create the Features in an App Like Uber?

It consists of how users see an application such as the interface of the application. It includes the graphs, images, menu, colors, structural behavior and appearance. The upsurge of the new features will set your application apart from others.