If you are planning to get married in Uruguay, there are a few elements that you should learn about the country’s wedding practices. These practices https://www.marriage.com/quotes/656 have been completely around for hundreds of years and so are a great way to put in a cultural aspect on your special day.

Marriage Practices

One of the first marriage ceremony practices that you will find in Uruguay is the fact both the wedding couple must drink from a common goblet. This is an indicator of unanimity and oneness. In addition , it is a good idea to have the groom and bride give quarter smooches to one another to show that they are happy together.

Another wedding tradition in Uruguay would be that the bride and groom will have surfers to their home. This can be a powerful way to get to know the individuals who are important inside your new family’s lives and it can end up being very entertaining for the guests.


Additionally, it is a common wedding tradition for the bride and groom to visit every single table on the reception and greet all of them. This is a very wonderful touch and it shows that they are extremely grateful with regard to their attendance at the celebration.

In addition , the bride and groom will often take photos with their friends at the entrance to the location. These photos will probably be printed out and directed at each guest to be a token of appreciation for participating in the wedding.

In the past, it had been very common for individuals to toss rice by online dating first date statistics newlyweds dating uruguay women after their very own wedding ceremony showing that they had been happy along. This was an extremely meaningful gesture, since it symbolized male fertility and prosperity.